“We all want to grow up happy, well-adjusted children who find their way in the world. The “parenting” world is meant to inspire our journey as big people in the shepherding of our littles along such a path. Yet, while it is true that being informed in the raising up of your children can be a wonderfully helpful thing, it can also create the backlash of having you question whether or not you really know what you are doing.

It is at this point that angst can creep into our parenting dynamic and begin to interrupt our children’s growth. This is perhaps no more true than in the world of attachment-based parenting. The science of child development has very clearly revealed that children absolutely need to marinate in an environment of connection in order for their brains and their hearts to grow exactly as nature intended. The crucial experience created for the child is one of emotional rest, created by caring adults who are simultaneously in charge and full of compassion.”

Read the rest of this article in the Winter 2018 Offspring issue of Magazine. I am thrilled to have my work featured in this wonderful resource.

And find more articles from parenting and child development experts on Offspring’s website! 

Dr V