When you say “attachment” next to the word “parent” too many people write it off as something trendy and requiring hairy armpits to deliver on.

But the science of child development has irrefutably shown that attachment isn’t a trend and it isn’t something that only a select group of parents should be interested in. In fact, attachment, or the connection between big people and children, is one of the most important, if not the most important, foundations of healthy child development. So much so that the United Nations listed as a key principle the child’s right to grow up “in an atmosphere of happiness, love, and understanding.”

In light of this, here is an infographic to help debunk the myths around attachment parenting for you, and very concisely illustrate what attachment is and is not.

You’re welcome.

Attachment Parenting Infographic
Don’t let the opinions – or misconceptions – of others prevent you from parenting in an empathetic and confident way. Feel free to share this image with those who may not quite understand exactly what attachment parenting is all about.


Make this the year that you stop feeling helpless or angry at your child’s behaviour. You don’t have to go to bed worrying about how you could have handled things better that day.
Parenting is not a battle to be won; it’s a relationship with your child that should be understood, cherished, and guided. You’ve got this. And if you find you are needing a little help along the way, no problem. Take my hand and let’s do this together.

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