This is the final post in the five part series, “What If My Child Hates His Teacher?”

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As big people, we know the importance of a positive connection between our child and his teacher. This series provides ways to foster – and even repair – this relationship. While it might not always be sunshine and daisies, there are ways that we can encourage a harmonious relationship between our children and their educators.
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Every now and then in life, we as parents need to come to terms with the reality of different situations.

Your child hating their teacher might just be one of those realities.

And maybe you try to come at improving this situation a million different ways but you just don’t seem to be making any headway. It may be time to get fierce about this for your child.

What you do with that is based on the needs of your child. Do you have a relatively easy-going child who mostly just rolls with things? Or do you have a child who is very sensitive and intense? Does it seem like your child is literally going to pieces? Or, despite some grumbling about their teacher, are they holding up pretty okay?

If you have the sense that this is going to be disastrous for your child, then you probably are going to need to move on it. This is where you HAVE to See it. Feel it. Be it. in order to be able to appropriately decide what this will entail for your child.

See it Feel it Be it

For some children, with really solid and consistent support and affirmation at home, they will be able to manage the upset of this dynamic in the teacher-child relationship. For others, you may have to escalate things to requesting a classroom switch. For others it might be a school switch. And for others, as extreme as it may seem, it might actually mean getting the h-e-double-hockey-sticks out of dodge and pulling your child altogether for some homeschool or distributed learning experiences.

Nobody anywhere can tell you exactly how to manage this or what that will mean for your child. But the message is: be prepared to be fierce and act swiftly if you see that kind of need in your child.

The teacher-student relationship is HUGE for the health and well-being of children. Your child’s well-being is your ultimate focus.

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