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Changing The Lens On Discipline

Join Dr. Vanessa for a mini-course all about how we can change our approach to discipline in order to promote a peaceful and compassionate household. 

Understanding Childhood Anxiety

Why do our children feel anxious? When do we need to step in? And HOW do we step in? Join Dr. Vanessa for a mini-course all about how we can best guide our children through their worries and uncertainties. 

The Necessity of Tantrums

Tantrums can be overwhelming – for both you AND your child. These overflows of emotions can bring up all sorts of feelings inside of you, from disappointment to despair to frustration. But what if I told you that these tantrums were NECESSARY? Click the link below to register now and learn more about our child’s big feelings. 

What will you do with your one wild and precious life? - Mary Oliver

There is no rush: Talking About Child Development

Dr Vanessa shares why child development is not race, despite what social media and playground chatter might have you believe. Every child is on their own journey and travels at their own pace. How can you best support your child as they develop in their own magical way? 

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The Dr Vanessa Show

Listen in to Dr Vanessa & Maggie Dent!

The dynamic duo is back again! Dr Vanessa and Maggie are a crowd favourite, and when they get together, it’s something magical! Click the link below to watch the members-exclusive interview between the two! 


On my bookshelf

What are you reading? Are you looking for a good book to add to the collection? This is a small sampling of some of my current favourites. 

Most recent Members-only Articles

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Time In: Fostering Connection

When our children demonstrate challenging behaviours, parenting pop culture can often tell us to resort to tactics that disconnect us from our children, such as time-outs or removing prized items. In this article, Dr Vanessa shares why we should come alongside our children in these tough moments, rather than isolating them. 

Why We Yell At Our Kids

I have spent my life’s work studying the developing child and the impact of parenting on child development. I know this field inside and out, backwards and frontwards. And yet, I have yelled at my kids. Many times. And I will probably do it again. So why is it that even though I have all this expertise, I sometimes still succumb to a yelly, shouty outburst? Why is it that as parents we can have the best of intentions to stay calmly in charge, but may still resort to yelling up a storm?

10 Tips For Navigating Sibling Squablles

Perhaps you’ve just had a second child and your, previously only, child has had his whole world turned upside down. Or maybe you have school-aged children who seem to constantly butt heads every time your back is turned. Believe it or not, sibling fighting can be a fabulous part of having a family with more than one child, as they provide excellent opportunities for growth. As parenting educator and author Maggie Dent said, “Our families are our greatest classroom for learning how to get along with others.” Instead of despairing over the squabbles, embrace them!

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