In my latest book, Parenting Right From The Start, I have shared the 12 Parenting Principles (pg 119). These 12 principles were designed to be guidelines for all parents with children of any age in order to foster a connected and meaningful relationship, right from the start. As my book started making its way from shops and mailboxes onto coffee tables and bedside stands, I have heard from many parents who have taken these principles to heart and have incorporated them into their parenting practice.

A few parents have asked for these principles as a printable or handout. At first I experimented with all 12 principles, but soon realized that the words were spilling onto multiple pages. Instead of sizing the font down to 6 or 8 and trying to make it work (can you imagine?), I decided to narrow the list down to six essential principles – six “must-dos” – so that you can take with you on your parenting journey, and come back to during times of struggle.

Please, feel free to share this printable with friends, colleagues, or on social! It is my goal that parents everywhere feel confident and empowered as they embark onto their parenting adventures. And even if your children are teenagers or adults, you can still incorporate these principles into your relationship. It is never too late to begin anew!

Click on the image below to get the free printable PDF!

Dr V