When a situation is getting heated with your child, a script that has been spoken many times before may threaten to come out of your mouth.


“That’s ENOUGH!”
“I am taking away your toys. You are being so disrespectful.”
“Time out for you, mister!”
These phrases only add chaos to the situation. What might have been a moment of impulse or challenging behaviour can now threaten to become a full-on meltdown. Instead of escalating the situation, I have some handy alternative suggestions to cultivate a little connection and lovin’ for you as you come alongside your child.

Trust me! You’ll find that the situation will come around, and instead of feeling disconnected and at odds with each other, you AND your child will feel connected and sorted and calmed and settled.


Read, share, print – this infographic is yours to use in whatever way is most helpful to you!

Go on! Create a new script in your head, and manage those meldtowns with the swagger you really do have inside of you.



Dr V