Should I Send My Kids Back To School?: Why You Shouldn’t Crowdsource Your Answer

I’m thrilled to feature a guest article written by David Loyst, my partner-in-presenting and my partner in life. David has been studying and teaching about parenting for over 30 years as a Speech Language Pathologist and Autism Consultant … and has been practicing with his own children for more than 20 years. Over the past […]

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What’s Driving Your Child’s Behaviour (And How To Respond)

I am thrilled to have Nicole Schwarz, parenting coach and writer of Imperfect Families.com, as a guest poster on my blog today. I often share Nicole’s articles on my social media channels, as so much of what she writes truly resonates with me. In today’s post, she explores reasons behind challenging behaviour, and appropriate ways to […]

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Discipline Without Damage Does NOT Mean Without Limits, Boundaries or Growing Up

Somewhere along the way, we got lost. As parents and others charged with the responsibility of growing up children, we got panicked about forming them into adults. Now. Yesterday. ASAP. And it has messed with us. And our children. Big time. Whether it be because of biases from days gone by that still lurk in […]

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