Dr. Vanessa's Parent Transformation Journey

shine package

Access to the Parent Transformation Journey program will end on October 31, 2025 and it is each participant’s responsibility to ensure they have made optimal use of the session time, programs, and/or other offerings made available as part of the PTJ prior to October 31, 2025. By signing up for the PTJ Shine Package, you commit to this responsibility.

By completing payment, you acknowledge that Dr. Vanessa’s services are consultation services, and are not therapy nor a diagnostic service. These consultations cannot be used in any legal process (i.e. divorce, custody, etc) or for any purpose other than the transformation of one’s own self. This program is non-refundable, and you are bound to the terms of the payment plan you select.


• One-year access to The Dr. Vanessa Membership ($99 value)

• One-year access to all of Dr. Vanessa’s online courses ($484 value)

•6 exclusive Parent Transformation Journey Circle Gatherings/Q+A calls with fellow journey members ($450 value)

• One-year complimentary to all of Dr. Vanessa’s parenting webinars ($240 value)

• 10 virtual one-on-one consultations with Dr. Vanessa ($5,500 value)

• 10 options for “buzz support” calls where you can reach out to Dr. Vanessa when you need quick support ($1500 value)

• 4 full-day workshops presented by Dr. Vanessa ($4000 value)

• Discipline Without Damage and Parenting Right From The Start eBooks ($50 value)

= $12,323 value

Teen Add-on Packages

If you have an adolescent age child who is 15 years or older, as a parent who is working directly with Dr. Vanessa, you will have access to purchase an optional add-on package for 3, 5, or 10 sessions for your teen. Dr. Vanessa will only work with teens whose parents are also working with her. The teen add-on sessions are in addition to the sessions included in your PTJ parent package. Teen add-on sessions will be available to purchase from within your PTJ hub (more information to follow upon sign up), and must be purchased prior to close of the PTJ Registration Portal (November 1, 2024, or when space is full).


3-session package: $1,575 + applicable taxes
5-session package: $2,500 applicable taxes
10-session package: $4,750 applicable taxes

Pay in Full
1 x payment of $5,500 CAD + applicable taxes

4 Monthly Payments

4 x monthly payments of $1,540 CAD + applicable taxes

A conversation with Dr. Vanessa feels like a warm hug, or a cup of soup on a chilly day. She radiates positive energy and compassion. Sometimes just seeing her face on the screen is enough to make the waterworks start. She truly is the definition of the ‘big person’ that we all need (even when we are the adult)! When I first saw her, I was a bit starstruck but I soon realized she is as down to earth as any good friend you have known all your life. She is a wealth of knowledge and support, and knowing she is there to mentor me in my parenting journey has helped me in more ways than I could ever express. Those around me have noticed the difference and most importantly, so have my children. I recommend the PTJ to all parents! I know I’ll be devastated when it ends – so much so I might have to do it again!!!! – S. V.