Parent Transformation Journey:

Are you ready to transform yourself into the parent you want to be?

If the answer is “YES!”, then I want to warmly welcome you to my revolutionary Parent Transformation Journey!

Now reimagined to create more opportunities for everyone to join the revolution and begin the journey to more peace, more joy, and the best that life has to offer for you and the child/ren counting on you.

I launched the Parent Transformation Journey in 2023, opening up my individual caseload for the first time in years. The Parent Transformation Journey remains the only way you can work with me directly.

And the registration portal is now open! For a limited time and with limited spots, you can begin your journey by selecting the bespoke package that works best. Join me to be supported in growing yourself so you can grow your children!

Growing up children isn’t easy. Neither is growing yourself.

You know that there is work to do. That you could have a stronger relationship with your child and perhaps even your partner/co-parent. That you could face your child’s big feelings with confidence and patience, rather than anger and fear. That your house could be a place of peace, rather than slamming doors and lost tempers.

Maybe you… 

• Are aware that you have growing to do,  but don’t know where to begin

• Would benefit from the help of a confident guide to walk you through some of the trickier parts of your parenting journey

• Would like to better understand your reactions, expectations, and narratives about parenting

Growing YOURSELF is one of the best ways you can show up for your children...

By the end of this one-year journey, you may:

what;s included...

Here’s what you’ll get when you join the journey:

PTJ Shine

• One-year access to The. Dr. Vanessa Membership ($99 value)

• One-year access to all of Dr. Vanessa’s online courses ($484 value)

•X exclusive Parent Transfomration Journey Q+A calls with fellow journey members ($450 value)

•One year complimentary access to all of Dr. Vanessa’s parenting webinars ($240 value)

= $1,273 value for $600 CDN + applicable taxes

PTJ Shine

Everything in PTJ Sparkle, plus…

• 10 virtual one-on-one consultations with Dr. Vanessa ($5,500 value)

• 10 options for “buzz support” – where you can reach out to Dr. Vanessa when you need quick support ($1500 value)

• 4 full-day workshops presented by Dr. Vanessa ($4000 value)

• Discipline Without Damage and Parenting Right From The Start eBooks ($50 value)

= $12,323 value for $6,000 CDN + applicable taxes

PTJ Shine Plus

Everything in PTJ Sparkle Plus and…

• Individualized Family Support Plan includes targeted needs assessment, summary of your goals, a written “prescription” for accomplishing your goals, once per month video teaching message targeted to family needs and a 6 month review with updates as required. ($3,000 value)

• 6 Additional video sessions ($3,300 value)

• 6 additional “buzz support” calls ($900 value)

= $19,523 value for $12,000 CDN + applicable taxes

ready to finally change your parenting story?

How do I know if I should apply?

The Parent Transformation Journey is for you if:

This is not for you if:

Due to Parent Transformation Journey Shine and Shine Plus having a limited number of spaces available, Dr Vanessa will select candidates based on availability and suitability for the program at this time. If you are not selected right now, we encourage you to reapply in the next intake. 

get to know me

Hi, I'm Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

I’m on a mission to make sure parents are supported in the best possible way.

I created my Parent Transformation Journey because I am passionate about walking alongside parents and other big people to see the world through the child’s eyes. Trained as a clinical psychologist, I spent more than 20 years supporting children and parents. I have lived both professionally and personally the personal growth journey and the trickle-down impact of that on
children. Now a full-time international speaker, author and parent consultant, I believe that when parents show up in the best version of themselves, their kids get the best possible shot. 

On days I’m not working alongside parents, you will find me spending time with my two teenage sons, snuggling with my ragdoll cat, Soleil, or making dinners with my partner in crime, David Loyst. I am lucky to live on the West Coast of Canada, and love spending time outdoors whenever I can.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have 10 virtual consultations with Dr. Vanessa as well as 10 buzz support calls.

Due to the limited spaces available, this program is available by application only.  Successful applicants will be contacted via email within 7 business days. Once accepted and payment has been completed, you will be able to book your first session. 

While we don’t like to put a timeline on growth, you will have on year’s worth of access to Dr Vanessa’s resources, appointments and buzz supports.

No, this works for parents in all work situations.

This works with children at any age range, and parents at any stage of their parenting journey; it is never too late to foster a strong relationship with your child.

You get access to 10 buzz support calls, which are 10-minute calls between our sessions as needed!

The re imagined Parent Transformation Package includes three different levels of support for you to choose the package that will best support your family.  Your investment options are:

Parent Transformation Journey Sparkle package: $600 CAD + applicable taxes.

Parent Transformation Journey Shine package: $6,000 CAD + applicable taxes.

Parent Transformation Journey Shine Plus package: $12,000 CAD + applicable taxes.

Yes!  All Parent Transformation Packages are available as a single payment, or four payment packages.

There is a no refund policy. We limit the number of parents that we can take into the program and as a result, we cannot provide refunds once payment has been accepted. 

If you have any other questions, send an email to for more information.

You can try! It is unlikely that your health plan will accept receipt for reimbursement. The PTJ program is not individual therapy. It is a personal growth journey.

Ready to transform into the parent you want to be?

It’s time to finally become the parent you want to be and show up for your kids in the best way possible. Join Dr. Vanessa’s Parent Transformation Journey now.