David Loyst, the co-creator of Parenting 2.0 with Dr. Vanessa (and her real life partner) is very pleased to now be offering parents the opportunity to participate in one-on-one virtual Parenting 2.0 Consultations!

What is Parenting 2.0? Jump to the bottom of this page by clicking HERE to read more about that. In short, it is a revolutionary approach to child-raising that combines the best of what science and heart have to offer in ensuring we do right by our children. And ourselves. Parenting 2.0 is changing lives, one home at a time. It is the most powerful way David has landed on to help you BE the parent you want to be, and the parent your child needs.

Who is this for?

If you are a parent or another kind of “big person” directly responsible for the growing up of a child – teacher, grandparent, caregiver, etc. – then this is for you. Maybe you have a child with developmental exceptionalities. Maybe you are separated or divorced and want some support on doing best by your kids. Maybe you are struggling with challenging behaviors. Or have questions about discipline. Maybe you have a child who is anxious. Or maybe you just have some general questions and/or are wanting some affirmation that you are on the right track. Parenting 2.0 Counselling/Consultations are for any big person who wants to step forward in the best possible way.

How does it work?

David Loyst has never before made his parent consultation sessions available to the broader public, being previously accessible only via services for kids with exceptionalities. So here is your chance to work directly with him and access his decades of experience with children, parents, and personal growth.

There is a button at the bottom of this page that will allow you to book a session with David.

.*** Book only 1 session to begin. Your direct one-on-one work will be time limited. David believes without question that the most potent, life-changing shifts happen in the first 2-4 sessions. Our work with you will focus on creating real change for your family, and for your kids, so you each get the best possible shot at this thing called life. We will direct you as we go what we think will be required for you. It will be no more than 4 sessions.

Background Preparation

You will be asked to prepare a one-page write up of details regarding your specific background and situation. More information about this will be provided to you upon booking.

What Is Parenting 2.0?

Parenting is not just reading the books and implementing the strategies. If only it were that easy. No. It requires a much deeper dive than that, and this deep dive is not for the faint of heart. It requires looking at your family history. It requires looking at your own baggage. It requires making sense of yourself as a parent and human so that you can show up and really BE for your children what it is that they need. And it requires having the courage to truly see and hear your children for the very ones that they are.

In this ultimately revolutionary approach to parenting, we combine the best of what the science and heart of child development has to offer. He takes the foundational tenants of Parenting 2.0, namely, attachment, development, and consciousness, and combine them to help you make sense of yourself, your children, and your role as a parent.

Together, you and David will take on the biggest and most challenging issues you are facing as a parent. And, you will find your way. David has walked alongside thousands of families at this point in our careers. To great effect, he has seen that working in this way with parents changes everything. If you are committed to doing your work and to being brave and vulnerable in your work with him, anything is possible.

Ready to go?

This button will redirect you to the booking page. Choose David via the link below and book your first session! We look forward to starting this journey together.