In the spirit of giving, get three free months of the Dr Vanessa Membership, access to mini-courses and more!

As 2022 draws to a close, we thought to ourselves – how could we say acknowledge you, our incredible families, for showing up for their children? It’s not nothing to be toes to the line as a big person for a child, and sometimes the big people need their cups filled too. As the halls are decked and trees are trimmed, we want you to have a pat on the back- your own kind of gift. In that spirit, you are getting access to Dr Vanessa’s membership for three months as well as access to each of her mini-courses. In addition, just for our Wishing Star Families, we are also extending our first ever Black Friday sale on Dr Vanessa’s popular Discipline Without Damage Course to our families until December 31st! 

To access these gifts, use the code TWS2022 at any of the links below! 

The gift of three free months' access to the Dr Vanessa Membership!

All Wishing Star families are invited to join the Dr Vanessa membership – for free! This three-month trial membership ($27 value) provides access to articles, videos, interviews, a monthly book club, as well as a monthly members-only Q&A session. 

Click the link below and join using the code TWS2022. This code will be active until December 31st, 2022. 

The gift of free access to Dr Vanessa's Mini-Courses!

Click the link below and use the code TWS2022 to sign up for a bundle of Dr Vanessa’s mini-courses (a $75 value) for FREE! You’ll get:

  • Changing the Lens on Discipline
  • When Goodbye is Too Hard
  • The Necessity of Tantrums
  • Successful Coparenting
  • and Understanding Childhood Anxiety

This gift is available through to December 31st at midnight! Click the link below to start cup filling right now!


The gift of 50% off of Discipline Without Damage: The Online Course!

Only for my Wishing Star families, we are extending the 50% Black Friday discount that was previously offered to Dr Vanessa’s social media community all the way until the end of December! This course is Dr Vanessa’s most popular – consisting of 7 weeks of videos, reflection activities and weekly challenges. We are gifting you an $80 discount (our biggest ever), and hope that you will find it an incredible way to kick off the new year right. Click the link below and access the course using the code TWS2022. 

We hope these gifts fill your heart, affirm and inspire, and have you continuing to show up as the amazing big people that you are. You can access your gift right up until when the clock strikes midnight December 31/2022.