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I’m Dr. Vanessa, a registered psychologist, parenting expert, and mom to two growing boys. From my work in my practice – and as a mother – I have come to understand the connection between behaviour and child development, as well as the incredible power of relationship between parent and child. While parenting pop culture has left many big people feeling conflicted in their parenting practice, I strive to help to empower parents to know that they are the single best expert for growing up their child.

I look forward to traveling on this journey with you, my village of parents. This is going to be a beautiful, challenging and exciting ride. And as we navigate these twists and turns, don’t ever forget: you’ve got this.

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Imagine the Possibility

How can I parent from a place of connection?

We’ve all been there. Our child’s behaviour is setting our teeth on edge and we can feel our patience bubbling over. We react. We yell. Our child matches our fire with their fire, and suddenly, we’re caught in a battle that neither stands to win. When we parent from a place of connection, we are no longer concerned with “winning” a conflict with our child, and are instead seeking to foster a strong relationship with our child. Our homes become calmer, more peaceful places, and our interactions with our children become opportunities to connect. 

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