Start 2024 off with a Brand new approach!

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Dr. Vanessa has been hearing from a LOT of you right now that times are especially challenging and you want help. Normally she just has to say no as she does not see people individually outside of the Parent Transformation Journey Program. However, your voices have been heard and your hearts have been seen!

For the first time ever, Dr Vanessa is offering an intensive package to new and existing clients. This package will include four one-hour sessions dedicated to diving into your parenting practice, your narrative around your family (and yourself), as well as how to better understand your children and their behaviour.  Because these sessions happen within a six week period, you are able to immerse yourself in your parenting practice and make meaningful change as you head into the new year!

Together we will focus on getting you through the hard times an into a new year that feels full of promise. You’ve got this! And if you’re feeling a little wobbly on that, take my hand and let’s do it together. – Dr. V

Limited spaces available. 

Please note:

There is a no refund policy. We limit the number of parents that we can take into the program and as a result, we cannot provide refunds once payment has been accepted. 

These sessions are personal growth sessions and are not individual therapy. They will not likely qualify for extended health coverage.