Summer is nearly here, and for most of us, our plans have already been made and scribbled onto the calendar. Whether it’s vacations, camping trips, summer camps, or more, many parents look at summer vacation as time to fill. Often times, this means our children are being shuttled to place to place without having much time to just be.

But when we look at what this break can can bring to our families – a more relaxed schedule, less obligations, and the ability to purposely NOT make plans – suddenly, the opportunities for connection with our children are endless! Whether it is a 15 minute activity, a chat in the hammock, or a day-long project, spending quality time with your child can strengthen your relationship and forge a stronger bond between parent and child.

My son and I brainstormed together, and we came up with this list of 20 Ways to Spark Connection With Your Child. I loved the list so much that I turned it into an infographic to share with my readers.

This can be used as a guide, or as a list of goals. With summer peeking its head around the corner, what better time to get inspired and have some adventures!

It is important to keep in mind that the objective of this list is not to be the best or most creative – or most “Pinterest-worthy” – at any activity, rather, it is to enjoy the time spent with your child and to share thoughts, feelings, and excitement together.

Share it, print it, or use it as the basis of your own 20 Ways To Spark Connection list. Make this the summer of connection for you and your child!



20-ways-to-spark-connection-infographic (1)

Dr V