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Growing up kids isn’t always easy.

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Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

Parents today are often plagued with self-doubt. The dread of a meltdown in the grocery store, or the helplessness felt as a bedroom door slams in your face can result in a parenting practice that is based on fear and embarrassment. As you struggle to feel confident in your decisions, you may be flooded with uncertainty:

Am I being too tough? Am I being too soft? Does she know I love her? Will he still love me? Have I permanently damaged her?

These kinds of questions are very natural for caring big people to have. I am here to give you answers to some of these questions and to instil the confidence required in order to step up to be the parent your child needs. Using the science of child development, I will guide you through the practice of parenting from a place of empathy and connection, as well as recognizing our own triggers and parenting ourselves.


With a foundation based on the science of child development, Dr. Vanessa helps parents to become more confident and connected guides for their children.



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Dr. Vanessa’s newsletter teaches you new ways to connect with your children, how to artfully handle meltdowns, as well as how to better understand your child’s development. Sign up today!

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

I’m Dr. Vanessa, a registered psychologist (British Columbia #1856), parenting expert, and mom to two growing boys. From my work in my practice – and as a mother – I have come to understand the connection between behaviour and child development, as well as the incredible power of relationship between parent and child. While parenting pop culture has left many big people feeling conflicted in their parenting practice, I strive to help to empower parents to know that they are the single best expert for growing up their child.

I look forward to traveling on this journey with you, my village of parents. This is going to be a beautiful, challenging and exciting ride. And as we navigate these twists and turns, don’t ever forget: you’ve got this.

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

Dr. Vanessa guides parents through the science of child development and its relationship to behaviour, how to set kind, but loving, boundaries, how to artfully defuse a tantrum, and more! Get your copy of Discipline Without Damage or Dr. Vanessa’s new book Parenting Right From the Start.